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Bennachie Visitor Centre

The Bennachie Visitor Centre is a dedicated visitor facility with a permanent exhibition interpreting the hill and its heritage.

We're delighted that the race is going to be starting and finishing at such a great facility. They have loads of information on the history of the hill, along with interactive exhibitions and wildlife viewing points. 

There's also a cafe where you can get refreshments. It's a great place to start exploring the trails on Bennachie.

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The Community Off-Road Transport Action Group (COTAG) provides 4x4 vehicle response support in times of need to the emergency services, local authorities and charitable groups.

Although not an emergency or rescue service, COTAG 4x4 Response specialises in logistics in extreme conditions and aims to provide a reliable, 24-hr/365-day transport service when other arrangements are at full stretch. 

They've very kindly agreed to help us out at the race which we are extremely grateful for.

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Get Ready for Bennachie Ultra With Meryl Cooper

Ultra-running can be a lonesome sport sometimes and Meryl Cooper has created an online community which brings likeminded ultra-runners together more easily. It's a place where all your questions can be answered in one place regarding training, kit, nutrition etc and you leave the weekly call feeling motivated, inspired and ready to attack the next week of training. Follow this link to find out more about this community and sign-up! Meryl is a GB ultra-trail runner, a certified Health Coach and ultra-running coach. She invites other experts to attend the calls so it really is a one stop shop for you to learn everything you need to get to that finish line in October with great feelings of satisfaction and achievement!

Check out her blog here for more details: https://www.merylcoopercoaching.com/posts/get-ultra-ready-for-bennachie-ultra-marathon-2021